About Bevel-Up & Wintersong

About Bevel-Up

Named for the proper way to hold a hypodermic needle, Bevel-Up Photography is about taking beautiful images that excite, challenge, arouse, and perhaps even terrify. The Bevel-Up philosophy is that all forms of erotic expression can be beautiful, and was born in part out of Wintersong's frustration at what he saw as a lack of attractive photos of anyone who wasn't a conventionally attractive young (usually white) woman, as well as few if any beautiful images of unusual or extreme kink play modalities. It is also the label under which Winter offers kink event and dance club photography, and has expanded to include sensual and erotic subject matter far beyond only focusing on play that involves sharp and pointy things.

About Wintersong

Wintersong Tashlin has been deeply involved in the erotic and BDSM world for over a decade. In addition to his photography work, he has taught nation-wide on a variety of topics, including sexuality, kink, LGBTQ issues, spirituality, and as the former assistant producer for Dark Odyssey. Winter's extensive workshop offerings cover a wide range of topics, including erotic & kink techniques, communication, trans/cis relationships, sexual health, disability, polyamory, edge play, and exploring unusual fetishes.

As a photographer working both in and out of the alternative lifestyles world, Winter has shot everything from weddings to dungeon parties, erotic photos to senior portraits, burlesque and fire performances, body modification procedures, workshops, rituals, BDSM scenes, and many many lovely sunsets. Winter was the lead photographer for the queer porn company Fruit Punch Productions, and his photography has been featured in the erotic arts magazine Salacious, as well appearing on CrashPad.com, and in several books on BDSM and spirituality. 

 Winter lives in Southern Maine with his husband of twenty years, with whom he's in a rather free-form polycule. You can find Winter on Fetlife as @Wintersong